Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

Why You Need A Mobile-Friendly WebsiteThere are a lot of benefits to enjoy when you have a mobile-friendly website for your business, but numbers can explain this better. There are more than 125 billion sites on the internet with only a little above 10 million being mobile-friendly.

This means that mobile websites are not yet fully utilized by businesses, but they need them in order to reach a large portion of their target audience. Most people use mobile phones to surf the internet today, so there is a need to exploit this area to maximize profits while keeping expenses low.

In recent times, local searches have increased substantially with estimates for 2012 being 3.5 billion. Due to the fact that mobile phones play a huge role in local searches, your website must be able to handle mobile traffic effectively.

Google has reported a significant increase in mobile phone searches over the next three years and beyond as more and more people purchase mobile phones.

Why are mobile websites important? If you have a normal website, users with smart phones will be able to access your site. However, due to the small size of the phone screen, they have to make some adjustments to be able to view the information.

The adjustments involve expanding the phone screen which results in a lot of scrolling and difficulty in navigation.  A mobile-friendly website, on the other hand, is easy to navigate, which helps your visitors easily find what they need.

Mobile sites usually have 3 to 5 pages, which contain crucial information that your mobile subscribers would be looking for, such as your contact phone number or directions to your establishment.

Having a mobile website for your business is crucial in today’s digital age. If people are using mobile phones to browse the internet, then you need to take your business to them via the devices they use and carry most of the time.


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