Using QR Codes

Using QR Codes to Promote Your Small Business

Before you learn how to use Quick Response Codes (QR Codes), it is important to understand what they really are. These are black and white squares that you see on brochures, fliers, newspapers, magazines and business cards. They are 2 dimension barcodes with back modules that are arranged in a pattern on white backgrounds.

They are descendants of the ISBN code that you see on books and the UPC codes on groceries. While QR codes will look like gibberish, they will prove to be an effective marketing plan when used correctly to promote business.

You might be wondering what special aspects are in these strange small codes that can help your business. Well, QR codes can convert data such as website addresses into a format that is friendly to mobile devices.

They are an easy and fast way to lead your customers to places you want them to be whether it is a contest page, online video, menu, coupon or email address. They can even be used to drive traffic to your official website.

QR Codes make it extremely easy to inform your target audience about new offers, discounts, products or services available in your store.

All your customers need is a smart phone with a camera to decipher the quick response codes. The phone should also have a quick response code reader application to enable this process, which is free and simple to get. The customer will scan the QR codes and will be quickly taken to the location embedded in these codes.

Think getting a QR code is difficult? It’s not.  There are sites that can allow you to create QR codes for your business, services or products without much hassle at all.

However, it wouldn’t hurt to consult with a professional Mobile Marketing consultant to get your QR codes created as they have extensive knowledge in this area.

QR Codes are one of the more technically savvy ways to promote your small businesses in this modern world that depends heavily on mobile phones.


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