Search Engine Ranking affected??

In today’s era, a business website is an indispensable part of any Enterprise. But just creating a website will not be enough, you also need to make sure your website is up and available. There are several competitors in the market, to outpace them, your website needs to be optimized in the best way to rank at the top in search engines.

How Shared Hosting Can Affect Search Engine Ranking ?

Are you on shared hosting & wondering does it affect SEO of your blog? These days most people may be concerned if shared hosting can affect website ranking in search engines?’ Well, there are many factors prevailing behind it and in today’s post, I will try to cover it all! So, let’s see each of them in detail.

Shared IP Addresses

IP (Internet Protocol) is the unique addresses by which your computer is detected on the Internet, and same thing follows in web hosting also to identify website. Well, In shared web hosting, you tend to share IP address with multiple users which is not an issue. But, if you are sharing the IP address with any illicit sites (toxic in terms of a search engine), then definitely, your chances of ranking will be affected.

So, your choice for the website hosting provider is very critical to ensure great page load speed and high availability of your website.

Solution ?

Simple, just go with the Dedicated IP address that is used by you only to play safe with Google. Dedicated Servers are not much expensive, you can check my blog.

Page Load Speed

Website speed is one of the most important factors that count for good Search engine ranking. Google recently announced that websites that load in no time provide better user experience. Therefore, site speed will be one of the prior factors for Page Rank algorithms.

Well, it’s obvious that your Web pages must load faster to standalone on Google ranking factors. Otherwise, you may lose some good amount of traffic and ranking too!

The distance between hosting server and target audience is a prime factor that decides the page load time of a website.

So, if your website has nearly all the traffic from India, I would recommend you to go with an Indian Servers as It will reduce the page load time.

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