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If you are a beginner then selecting a correct domain name for your business so that a correct message is passed to the people and attracting them is the one of the big challenge for you. As choosing a proper domain name involves a lots of thought process and consideration, it is same as choosing a company name. Domain name acts as an identity & it is used for the Business Promotion & Publicity, so few things are to be kept in mind while choosing a Domain name. Below we have listed some of the thing or you can say tips while choosing a domain name :

Keep It simple & short
A straightforward domain name is easy to remember by all visitors & will help in increasing the brand promotion. Along with these, Always try to use common words & Avoid using actual number and dashes between the words.

Make it easy to type.
Domain name that is easy to type helps in gaining great online success. Domain name that includes words with multiple spellings, Integers & dashes between the words, then it might be a difficult task for the visitors to get your site and useful link.

Choosing the Right Extensions (.com,.org,.in ,.. )
Nowadays, .Com is considered to be the most popular Top Level Domain (TLD), so it is very important to make your choice depending on what makes the most sense for your business or organization. For the organizations or non-profits business, .org is recognized and trusted . Additionally, If you’re operating in another country, use their TLD (i.e. United Kingdom is .UK). For the personal use, use .me extension.

Includes Perfect Keywords
From the Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) point of view, Domain name must be such that closely matches your business name. Your Domain name is one of the key factor that plays an important role in ranking high in Search Engines.

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