Real Estate Text Marketing Solutions

Real Estate Text Marketing SolutionsReal Estate agents and brokers across the country are turning to SMS, or text, marketing to communicate with potential buyers.

Why?  Because it is the most cost effective way to put your listings in front of clients.

With our text marketing platform, you can reach your entire base and alert them of new listings, open houses, falling interest rates, etc.

The beauty of text message marketing is that your messages are delivered instantly to your clients’ cell phones.  It is cheaper than postcard mailings and print advertising, but the deliverabilty and read rates are off the charts!

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Text message advertisements are read faster and more than any other form of advertising. 97% of text messages are read within fifteen minutes of being sent. No ot form of ad comes close to that. As you can see, no other form of advertising comes close to the read rate of text messages.

When you pay for advertising, you want it to be read!  Text Coupons deliver on that expectation – and at a much lower cost than almost all other forms of advertising.

Watch the Real Estate Strategy – SMS Text Marketing Video

Real Estate agents and brokers across the country are using QR Codes to assist and connect with potential buyers.

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