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Our client at Lake Chelan Jet Ski Rentals came up with some fantastic suggestions if you’re looking to have fun at the lake this summer!

Best Jet Ski rental tips

To have an unforgettable time while jet skiing, the below are rental tips one should follow to achieve this.

1. Plan before the actual day

It is advisable to ensure there is a jet ski for you before starting your vacation which helps you avoid all inconveniences that come with rushing during the last minute. Go through the options that are available and find the one that suits you best.

2. Prices

Various rental shops differ regarding prices, and you, they offer different complements with every product. The rates in the morning are usually lower as compared to rates in the afternoon in several places. It is also advisable that you check if the prices mentioned include insurances life jackets and gas.

3. Rental requirements

Depending on the shop rental agreements which come with different packages and conditions which include the demonstration on water and instructions on how to use the Jet Ski before renting it. It is also crucial for instructions on how to be safe outlined properly on the Jet Ski, click now here to find the rental requirements.

4. Late returning of the rented jet ski

While renting a Jet Ski, one has to abide by the terms and conditions given the time to return the Jet Ski. Make sure you return the rented Jet Ski in time and in most cases you might be charged for the extra time you have delayed to return depending on the rental agreement. It is not advisable to be using a jet ski half an hour after sunset or half an hour before the sun rises as you may not be seen by boaters.

5. Life jacket

When jet skiing, an appropriate life jacket is very crucial. It is a necessity in most rental shops. Jet skis also contain a switch lanyard (cutoff) that users of the Jet Ski should fasten to their clothes or event their life jackets which help shut off the engine of the Jet Ski in case a person falls off during riding.

6. Arrive at the beach (rental) early

It is good to make it early to the rental shops especially for beginners since it is a good time for them to watch a short demonstration of safety tips before the start skiing. It is also a perfect tie to go through the rules which comprise speed limits among others.

7. Experienced jet skiers

They should try using a stand-up Jet Ski if available when you want to feel more adventurous, and it also performs great additional tricks and maneuvers swiftly in water.

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