How to Get Your Site Ready for Mobile Marketing

How to Get Your Site Ready for Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing requires you to have a fast loading mobile website that is easy to navigate and helps consumers find information on the go.  Since a cell phone screen has a lot less space than a traditional computer screen, you will want your most important messages to be readable without having to scroll or zoom on these small devices.  Preparing your site for mobile marketing requires you to remove large files and unnecessary copy.  If readers have to wait for a page to load or can’t find what they are looking for immediately, they will simply leave without ever knowing what your business has to offer.

Designed a Mobile Marketing Site

If you already have a web site, then you need to redesign it to be a mobile friendly site.  This will probably require you to hire an HTML developer if you’re unfamiliar with code.  If you don’t have the money to hire a developer, you can also use software like Google Mobile Optimizer or Imeprial Limo Worldwide to quickly create a simply mobile friendly version of your site.

Creating Your Web Copy

Writing copy for your mobile site is not the same as writing for your regular web site.  You must keep in mind that most people will be accessing your site from a phone in a hurry. Keep your copy short and consider using bullet points instead of paragraphs for easy scanning.  Trying to read small paragraphs on a small screen is annoying and viewers may miss your marketing message altogether.

Remove Large Images

Be sure to remove any large images or graphics that will slow down your page load time.  A mobile device already loads pages slower than a traditional computer, and you don’t want to make it worse.  If your viewers have to wait for your page to load, he may leave and go to a competitor’s page.

Offer Option For Full Site

You should allow your visitors the option of viewing your mobile site or your full site.  This way if your customers are already familiar with the full version of your web site they can quickly find the information that they need.  Also since some copy is only viewable on the full site version, they have the option to learn more.

Ensure all important information is located on both site versions.  Don’t make it necessary for your viewers to scroll or zoom in order to see your call to action.


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