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Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) point of view

If you are a beginner then selecting a correct domain name for your business so that a correct message is passed to the people and attracting them is the one of the big challenge for you. As choosing a proper domain name involves a lots of thought process and consideration, it is same as choosing a company name. Domain name acts as an identity & it is used for the Business Promotion & Publicity, so few things are to be kept in mind while choosing a Domain name. Below we have listed some of the thing or you can say tips while choosing a domain name :

Keep It simple & short
A straightforward domain name is easy to remember by all visitors & will help in increasing the brand promotion. Along with these, Always try to use common words & Avoid using actual number and dashes between the words.

Make it easy to type.
Domain name that is easy to type helps in gaining great online success. Domain name that includes words with multiple spellings, Integers & dashes between the words, then it might be a difficult task for the visitors to get your site and useful link.

Choosing the Right Extensions (.com,.org,.in ,.. )
Nowadays, .Com is considered to be the most popular Top Level Domain (TLD), so it is very important to make your choice depending on what makes the most sense for your business or organization. For the organizations or non-profits business, .org is recognized and trusted . Additionally, If you’re operating in another country, use their TLD (i.e. United Kingdom is .UK). For the personal use, use .me extension.

Includes Perfect Keywords
From the Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) point of view, Domain name must be such that closely matches your business name. Your Domain name is one of the key factor that plays an important role in ranking high in Search Engines.

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Business-critical digital marketing trends

We love reviewing innovation in marketing. It’s interesting to see ‘what’s hot’ and ‘what’s cool’, but to keep it practical and actionable as we like, we’re equally interested in which communications and transformation techniques will make the biggest commercial improvement for businesses.

A good example of the commercial impact digital technology and media can have is Dominos. I recently heard about the impact of digitization of Dominos from Dave Wild, their UK CEO at Technology for Marketing / E-commerce Expo. Dominos UK only took its first mobile phone order in 2010 when online sales accounted for less than 30% of revenue. Eight years on, Dominos have a market share of more than 50% with digital transactions accounts for more than 80% of sales and the UK smartphone app accounting for more than two-thirds of those sales.

In this review of digital innovation, I’ll take a look at examples of the latest marketing techniques leading companies are deploying which are likely to be adopted as trends across businesses next year.

To structure my review I will look at these new techniques and technologies across these 8 key digital marketing communications techniques which form the digital channel essentials toolkits used to structure our planning templates in our members’ area.

Which marketing techniques will be most important to marketers in the year ahead?

Before I give my view on the more strategic marketing trends, I thought it would be useful to look at changes in tactical priorities that marketers think are important to growing their business. It’s been really interesting to ask this question on our blog and in our research reports over the last few years to see what the most significant trends are ‘across the board’ and how these vary through time, visit site to know the marketing techniques they follow.

Here’s my view on why these tactics form the top five techniques.

#1 Content marketing

– this has featured consistently in the top 3 for several years. I think it’s number 1 since content marketing can be applied by all types of business regardless of their sector or size and if the right strategy is followed can make an impact that supports communications across all touchpoint of the customer lifecycle. It fuels all digital channels from search, email and social media marketing. This makes having a defined content marketing strategy essential to competing in many sectors.

#2 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

– This is an exciting ‘new entry’ into the top 5 and suggests that marketers now believe they will see a return from deploying the latest AI tools supporting the many marketing applications for AI we review in this infographic. Within AI, I believe the most popular marketing applications will enhance personalization and marketing automation which brings us to…

#3 Marketing automation and email marketing

– This is also a perennial feature in our top five and it’s no surprise since, like content marketing, it’s effective for both B2C and B2B marketing. While some more mature organizations will make improvements through use of AI, other less mature businesses will benefit from improving the relevance and timing of their emails through using rules-based automation and personalisation.

#4 Big Data (including market and customer insight and predictive analytics)

– It’s good to see big data in the top five since we believe in the power of data-driven marketing. Big data analysis such as predictive analytics typically requires larger budgets, so will be restricted mainly for larger organisations, but the use of market and customer insight using the tools shown in our Martech tools wheel is open to all businesses and I think is why this is a relatively popular choice.

#5 CRO and improving website experiences

– This is the first time that CRO has featured in the top 5, which is again a sign of increased adoption of data-driven marketing as processes improve in organizations who can now run ‘always-on’ improvements using structured AB testing programmes. There is also the option of new lower-cost tools including Google Optimize which is freely available.
I’ll now take a look at the different types of marketing management trends grouped by the main techniques in our multicolour sunflower.

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Statewide Rent Control Still On the Agenda

“Get me a good package on rent stability this year and I will sign it.”

That was Governor Gavin Newsom in his most recent State of the State Address. Legislators, however, have not yet come up with anything that appeals to California voters, as evidenced by the failure of measures such as last November’s Prop 10 repeal of Costa-Hawkins, which went down by large margins in almost every district across the state.

According to a report on, the following bills are wending their way through the legislative process:

“AB36, if passed, would allow Californian cities to enact rent control on buildings built after 1995 that are more than 10 years old and would clear the way for cities to limit rent raises on single-family homes and condos that are more than 10 years old and will need financial help from our loan advisors,More at

AB1481, if passed, would prevent landlords from evicting tenants without a valid reason.

AB1482, if passed, would prevent California landlords from increasing rents by more than an unspecified percentage above inflation each year. According to the Chronicle, the author of the bill, Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco) said he is figuring out a cap that would help a broad swath of renters while still allowing landlords to earn a return on their investments visit”

So, it’s pretty clear that the issue of rent control is not going away, and it is certainly possible that one or more of these measures could pass and become law.

Gaetani is working with the various real estate trade organizations to help make sure that if laws are passed, they are as fair to landlords as they are to tenants. What legislators think is an acceptable return on investments, what constitutes a “valid reason” for eviction, and which properties and tenants should be eligible for rent control are all open to wide interpretation at this point. We’re working to make sure those definitions are made with ample input from the owners who have put their money at risk to provide housing in the first place.

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Search Engine Ranking affected??

In today’s era, a business website is an indispensable part of any Enterprise. But just creating a website will not be enough, you also need to make sure your website is up and available. There are several competitors in the market, to outpace them, your website needs to be optimized in the best way to rank at the top in search engines.

How Shared Hosting Can Affect Search Engine Ranking ?

Are you on shared hosting & wondering does it affect SEO of your blog? These days most people may be concerned if shared hosting can affect website ranking in search engines?’ Well, there are many factors prevailing behind it and in today’s post, I will try to cover it all! So, let’s see each of them in detail.

Shared IP Addresses

IP (Internet Protocol) is the unique addresses by which your computer is detected on the Internet, and same thing follows in web hosting also to identify website. Well, In shared web hosting, you tend to share IP address with multiple users which is not an issue. But, if you are sharing the IP address with any illicit sites (toxic in terms of a search engine), then definitely, your chances of ranking will be affected.

So, your choice for the website hosting provider is very critical to ensure great page load speed and high availability of your website.

Solution ?

Simple, just go with the Dedicated IP address that is used by you only to play safe with Google. Dedicated Servers are not much expensive, you can check my blog.

Page Load Speed

Website speed is one of the most important factors that count for good Search engine ranking. Google recently announced that websites that load in no time provide better user experience. Therefore, site speed will be one of the prior factors for Page Rank algorithms.

Well, it’s obvious that your Web pages must load faster to standalone on Google ranking factors. Otherwise, you may lose some good amount of traffic and ranking too!

The distance between hosting server and target audience is a prime factor that decides the page load time of a website.

So, if your website has nearly all the traffic from India, I would recommend you to go with an Indian Servers as It will reduce the page load time.

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Marketing for Jet Ski Rental Companies

Our client at Lake Chelan Jet Ski Rentals came up with some fantastic suggestions if you’re looking to have fun at the lake this summer!

Best Jet Ski rental tips

To have an unforgettable time while jet skiing, the below are rental tips one should follow to achieve this.

1. Plan before the actual day

It is advisable to ensure there is a jet ski for you before starting your vacation which helps you avoid all inconveniences that come with rushing during the last minute. Go through the options that are available and find the one that suits you best.

2. Prices

Various rental shops differ regarding prices, and you, they offer different complements with every product. The rates in the morning are usually lower as compared to rates in the afternoon in several places. It is also advisable that you check if the prices mentioned include insurances life jackets and gas.

3. Rental requirements

Depending on the shop rental agreements which come with different packages and conditions which include the demonstration on water and instructions on how to use the Jet Ski before renting it. It is also crucial for instructions on how to be safe outlined properly on the Jet Ski, click now here to find the rental requirements.

4. Late returning of the rented jet ski

While renting a Jet Ski, one has to abide by the terms and conditions given the time to return the Jet Ski. Make sure you return the rented Jet Ski in time and in most cases you might be charged for the extra time you have delayed to return depending on the rental agreement. It is not advisable to be using a jet ski half an hour after sunset or half an hour before the sun rises as you may not be seen by boaters.

5. Life jacket

When jet skiing, an appropriate life jacket is very crucial. It is a necessity in most rental shops. Jet skis also contain a switch lanyard (cutoff) that users of the Jet Ski should fasten to their clothes or event their life jackets which help shut off the engine of the Jet Ski in case a person falls off during riding.

6. Arrive at the beach (rental) early

It is good to make it early to the rental shops especially for beginners since it is a good time for them to watch a short demonstration of safety tips before the start skiing. It is also a perfect tie to go through the rules which comprise speed limits among others.

7. Experienced jet skiers

They should try using a stand-up Jet Ski if available when you want to feel more adventurous, and it also performs great additional tricks and maneuvers swiftly in water.

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What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile MarketingMobile Marketing is a relatively new marketing tool compared to the conventional advertising media. Technology associated with mobile phones is rapidly changing for the better. These changes are creating some massive enhancements, as well as positive effects on the marketing and advertising industry overall.

Most of the advertisers using Mobile Marketing are large corporations and organizations. This, however, does not lock out small businesses as the cost of Mobile operation is usually minimal.
The problem is that most small owners just do not have a clear understanding of how important Mobile Marketing is to their growing business.

Mobile Marketing is simply a marketing media that uses mobile phone and related devices to promote a business. Many people today will not take the time to read newspapers or other types of print so the only way to get to them is through mobile phone.
This provides businesses with an opportunity to communicate with them directly in a manner that will grow and enhance their brands over time.

Mobile Marketing is an extension of internet marketing and trends are showing that it could be even more effective over time. People are slowly moving away from using their PCs to browse the internet and opting for the convenience found in phones. Today, children are receiving cell phones as gifts at very early ages, which is a sign that these devices click over here to stay.

In fact, mobile phone internet usage is expected to exceed desktop internet usage within a couple of years. Therefore, even more people will be glued to their mobile devices performing internet searches.

This is why every business should take a serious look at adding Mobile Marketing to their advertising funnel. Increasing profits and expanding the reach of your business can easily be accomplished by branching out into this new-age digital form of marketing.

Mobile Marketing

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